Here at the Barkgata we use the highest level of quality products for our guest.

This begins with the the Prima Bathing System!

This system helps rejuvenate your  pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening up the pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This helps restore a youthful sheen and vigor to the animals coat, skin, and nails!

The air-injected, low-volume, high-pressure applicator enhances the ability of the shampoo to cut through the oil and dirt clinging to the pet’s coat and skin, for a cleansing you simply cannot get with other methods!


We use Quadruped All Natural Products. This line of professional pet care products is  committed to using only the most natural ingredients such as Mojave Yucca Extract. Mojave Yucca enhances the body’s production of its own natural cortisone, aiding in the treatment of many inflammatory pet skin-related problems! What more could you ask for from a product! All of their products are biodegradable and are made in the U.S.A.

All Grooming Appointments require a $25 non-refundable deposit.

Effective 11/1/2022.